brayden is absoluotely the epitome of steroytpical teenage boy

psh yeah because going to Africa is very very stereotypical for teenage boys


Ohhhh kill em

well i meant that him playing video games all the time and eating fast food a lot and having dumb cartoon pjs and skating to school but ok

Read the tags on my post pls no hate on you I was just saying
Totally got what you meant originally tho after I posted I sorry

Anonymous asked:

How many followers do you currently have! :D I bet it's a lot!!

Awwwe thanks anonie! :) Currently, I have exactly 215 followers— which I honestly never expected, couldn’t be more grateful for, and just love so much.

Each one I get makes my heart jump and me start smiling and just fills me with joy. Why? Not because followers are “a number to brag or to be ashamed of”. To me, a follow shows that you appreciate my person, my humor, my advice, and everything else.




Ever since I leaned Graser is from Canada I hope to see (hear) him whenever I go out . It’s a bad disease .

Me with Bayani, I’m just like, no I will see him when I visit Seattle, I will see him.

I went hunting for HBomb and TYBZI in Chicago last week and sadly I was unsuccessful but they better watch out because next year imma go 360 no scope tracking them down like a BAWSS